Down In The Dumps

Down In The Dumps
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  • Down In The Dumps - The Play House
  • Babes in arms £2

Bea is creative and feisty. Stiggy is clever and quiet. Both are outsiders.

Bea is new in town. She's exploring the local scrap yard looking for things to build her dream rocket with when she stumbles across Stiggy in his den. Will they become friends and pull each other up from down in the dumps?

Part of BEDLAM Festival, Down In The Dumps is an interactive theatre performance that explores mental health with children and their families.

For ages 7+

  • Theatre

it's an interactive theatre performance that explores mental health with children and their families


Venue details

  • Birmingham Repertory Theatre Limited
  • Centenary Square,
  • Birmingham
  • B1 2EP

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