Pulse - Relaxed & PMLD Theatre Tour

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Pulse -  Relaxed & PMLD Theatre Tour
Fantasic For Families

Accessible theatre for children and young people.

Patience and Bird are waiting for rain in the dry, dusty heat of the American Dust Bowl. Clanky Jane arrives with her ‘Cloud-O-Matic’ machine, but will some crazy percussion and a bit of magic make the rain come?

Featuring captivating visual effects, puppetry, live music and a sprinkling of water, Pulse will immerse you into the world of Patience, Bird and Clanky Jane.

We'll be presenting two versions of Pulse – an intimate version for audiences of 6 young people described as having profound and multiple learning disabilities and their family group, and a relaxed version open to all families.

Bamboozle’s PMLD productions are tailored to each child’s needs by a team of Bamboozle performers who are hugely experienced in adapting to, and interacting with, children and young people who have a variety of complex and differing needs. The show is designed to be particularly suitable for children who use a wheelchair.

The relaxed version of Pulse is designed to cater for larger audiences, to be enjoyed by children with and without additional needs and their families. Pulse is ideal for children aged 5 and upwards, including children on the autistic spectrum.

Running time: 45mins PMLD performances recommended age range: 6 - 14 yrs Relaxed performances recommended age range: 5+

  • Relaxed Performance
  • Theatre

it is accessible theatre for children and young people.

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