The Vultures' Song

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  • 16-Feb-2020 14:30 PM - 15:30 PM
  • Waterside
  • 9 - 13 years
  • £7.00 - £9.00
  • Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah
The Vultures
Fantasic For Families

A powerful and entertaining story of a young girl’s journey to find a new home.

Vultures eat and fly, they rule the sky, whirling slowly, waiting, watching...

Grab a perch with four curious vultures who will make you laugh at their antics and tell you an epic tale of one girl’s bravery. They will take you on a journey through a place that was once whole but is now divided. Our feathered storytellers bring every moment to life as they transform into all the people she meets along the way – a protective older sister, friendly neighbours who take a risk to help, people making the most of the divide and other children who are now better off.

The Vultures’ Song is a moving story full of light-hearted moments that all ages can enjoy. It was nominated for Best Play for Young Audiences at the 2019 Writers’ Guild Awards and is written by award-winning children’s writer Mike Kenny.

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it's theatre the whole family can enjoy together.

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