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A British Museum touring exhibition - Ancient Iraq: new discoveries

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A British Museum touring exhibition - Ancient Iraq: new discoveries
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  • Statue of King Gudea; dolerite; Tello, Iraq; 2130BC © The Trustees of the British Museum

In this family-friendly exhibition, fascinating stories of ancient Iraq come to life through over 80 amazing items from the British Museum. 

Learn how 4,000-year-old cities like Girsu shaped today’s urban way of life, from laws and transport to writing and how we measure time.

Come face to face with the historical king Gudea. Discover the Epic of Gilgamesh – one of the earliest great works of literature – and see how current archaeologists are continuing to reveal the secrets of Iraq’s lost empires.

Generously supported by the Dorset Foundation in memory of Harry M. Weinrebe.

  • Heritage
some of the fascinating items on display are 4,000 years old!
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  • Newcastle upon Tyne

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