Laura Ellen Bacon: Rooted in Instinct

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Laura Ellen Bacon: Rooted in Instinct
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This Autumn, The National Centre for Craft &Design is proud to present Rooted in Instinct —a new collection of work developed especiallyfor NCCD by Woman’s Hour Craft Prize nomineeand British Sculptor, Laura Ellen Bacon.Rooted in Instinct is a unique exhibitiondemonstrating an evolution of the intuitive makingprocess that has dominated Bacon’s practice todate. It is a pivotal moment in the artist’s career,featuring unexpected and familiar forms in willowand new explorations in thatch, further developingthe possibilities of traditional hand weaving andknotting techniques. In response to NCCD’s historyas an old seed warehouse, new abstract sculpturescreate height, density and detail. The forms are allat once majestic, immersive and ‘protective’ with aunique sense of connectivity to the heritage craftsand architecture of the Lincolnshire landscape.

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it explores forms in willow and in thatch, further developing the possibilities of traditional hand weaving and knotting techniques.

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