The Captain Calamity Easter Sp-EGG-tacular

The Captain Calamity Easter Sp-EGG-tacular
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Captain Calamity’s Easter SpEGGtacular is bouncing to Harrow Arts Centre like a chocolate bunny on a pogo stick. This crazy mix of magic, science and interactive fun is set to be the perfect Easter delight for kids aged 3 to 8 yrs old.

Guinness World Record Breaking Entertainer Captain Calamity brings his famous brand of silliness to HAC with just a spoon full of Easter fun to add to the spEGGtacle.

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it's the prefect mix of magic, science and interactive fun


Venue details

  • Harrow

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  • Harrow

    100% Unplugged

    30 June 2018

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    14 - 16 years

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