BIG UP North

BIG UP North
Fantasic For Families
  • Ludus Dance
  • Concessions available

A celebration of dance theatre from across the North West

Come and ‘av a sken at the exceptional dance theatre performances from across the North West that we’ve got lined up for you… they’re nowt but proper belters.

Ludus Dance and The Dukes are celebrating the 10th year of their well-loved Lancashire dance festival with a fresh, new performance event that Bigs Up the diverse and exciting range of high quality dance theatre talent we’ve got on our very own doorstep.

Over two nights we’ve got an eclectic mix of original performance pieces across dance forms, from community groups, schools and new professional artists. The pieces, performed with energy, skill, technique, are selected by a panel from The Dukes and Ludus Dance to take you through a journey of inspiration, tears and laughter.

  • Dance, Film, Theatre

it's about young people and community groups.


Venue details

  • The Dukes
  • Moor Lane
  • Lancaster
  • LA1 1QE

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