Hackney BFLF Family Rave X Camp Bestival 'Sailing the 7 Seas'

Hackney BFLF Family Rave X Camp Bestival
Fantasic For Families
  • £10 adults, £7 children and pre-walking infants go free.

Set sail once again with the award winning, world famous

Big Fish Little Fish family ravers and their mates Camp

Bestival as they bring acid house, techno, house, hip

hop, drum ''n' bass for families with 0-8 year olds as part

of the 'Around the World in 18 Raves' Camp Bestival

warm up tour.

Parents remain responsible for their children at all times.

Optional fancy dress: Nautical/piratical.

  • Live DJ playing club classics
  • Multi-sensory dancefloor with glitter cannons, bubbles, giant balloons and parachute dance finale.
  • Captain Cookie Craft tables with giant mural, themed crafts and playdoh table.
  • Play area with tents and tunnels and Villa Pia baby chillout space with mats and soft-play ball pool.
  • Licensed bar, food, free transfers and glowsticks.
  • Facepainters our excellent facepainter will be on hand. Be transformed! With PHACE by Philly. Kids £5 - Adults £7 Children must be over 2. CASH ONLY.

Family fun for the post-rave generation of parents. Helping parents be responsibly irresponsible since 2013.

Shiver me timbers - these parties sell out fast. 'Reliably excellent' - the Guardian, 'magical...credible music' - Time Out, 2014 - 2017 Best Family Event - National Family Arts Festival Awards'   Licensed bar for the odd tot of rum.   Chance to win a family ticket to Camp Bestival and have fun with their photo booth.   Get nautically crafty on the Captain Cookie Craft tables and enjoy a bit of sea leave in the baby chill out or play areas.   Avast ye land lubbers and dance together on a dance floor filled with bubbles, balloons, glitter and topped by the parachute dance in this rave cave basement!  

  • Dance, Music

there is something for everyone - great music, dancing, craft, play and chill-out areas.


Venue details

  • Hangar
  • Sidworth Street
  • London
  • E8

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