What Once Was Ours

What Once Was Ours
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  • All tickets are priced at £7 and can be obtained by visiting the Box Office or by calling 020 7709 8900. Tickets are also available online at (no booking fees).

An immersive new show about identity and belonging.

Katie and Callum couldn’t be any more distant and disconnected: different heritage, different cities, different opportunities. Except there is one thing they’ll always have in common: Dad. What happens when Callum suddenly turns up in desperate need of help?

Created against the background of Brexit, What Once Was Ours has been developed in consultation with young people across the country and uses their direct words and opinions to explore how politics and national values impact on the complex lives of one family.

Beautiful imagery, striking original music and immersive design combine to create this powerful new production for young people, which asks why we’ve become so fearful of anyone who is different from us.

What Once Was Ours is a Zest Theatre and Half Moon co-production: an exciting collaboration by two of the UK’s leading companies creating work for young people.

Running Time: 60 mins

Thu 5 Oct | 4.30pm & 7pm

Fri 6 Oct | 1.30pm and 4.30pm

Mon 9 Oct | 4.30pm and 7pm

Tues 10 Oct |1.30pm and 7pm

Wed 11 Oct | 10.30am and 1.30pm

  • Music, Theatre

of beautiful imagery, striking original music and immersive design combine to create this powerful new production for young people, which asks why we’ve become so fearful of anyone who is different from us


Venue details

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