artsdepot Youth Dance (Street Dance)

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  • 29-Jan-2019 00:00 AM - 22-Jan-2019 18:15 PM
  • artsdepot
  • 11 - 16 years
  • £70.00
artsdepot Youth Dance (Street Dance)
Fantasic For Families
  • £70 for 10 weeks

Do you want to keep fit, develop your dance skills and feel more confident freestyling?This high energy class is for young people in school years 7 – 11 and introduces participants to core street dance techniques in a fun and friendly environment. Street dance is an umbrella term for other styles of dance including hip hop, breakdance and house dance. This is your chance to try something new.Weekly classes include exercises and activity focused on developing co-ordination, strength and stamina and musicality. Keep fit whilst learning to freestyle and build your confidence in expressing yourself to music.Led by an experienced professional dance teacher you’ll develop technique, performance skills, and create and choreograph your own work.At the end of each term the group will perform what they have learned in a sharing for friends and family.

  • Dance
no experience necessary
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Venue details

  • Arts Depot
  • N12 0GA

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