Open Space Summer 2019

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Open Space Summer 2019
Fantasic For Families

The Point’s Creation Space offers artists 24 hour access to a beautiful, light-filled, double-height, sprung floor rehearsal space with accommodation.

Each week we welcome some of the most exciting companies to test new ideas, take risks and break new ground in thisamazing facility. This season we’re delighted to open the doors again and invite you to join us and the artists in  residency as part of our Open Space series.

Each artist or company will share something different with you; from work-in-progress to a discussion about their residency, to elements of performance, each week will be different.

We invite you to join us in our Creation Space as part of our Open Space series:

Friday 10th May 4pmRamshacklicious Theatre Company

Ramshacklicious Theatre Company makes collaboratively devised theatre with the audiences' experience at the centre of their process.

Thursday 23rd May 3pm & Friday 5th July 4pmStuff and Nonsense Theatre Company

Children's Theatre Company and Point HOME artists Stuff and Nonsense will be at The Point to make their new show for families The Man who wanted to be a Penguin.

Friday 31st May 4pmAnimikii Theatre

Whilst at The Point Animikii Theatre and the Vonnegut Collective will be collaborating on new play The Feral Project: exploring 19th Century German figure, Kaspar Hauser, his 17 year captivity and the infamous events of his life through to the puzzling nature of his death.

Friday 7th June 4pmERRATICA

With a daring economy of resources, ERRATICA delivers bold experiments in music theatre, allowing the mundane sound world of everyday life to give voice to suppressed passions, silent fears and obsessive fantasies. 

Friday 14th June 4pmTheatre Re

Following a sell-out run at the 2019 London International Mime Festival, Point @HOME artists Theatre Re will be sharing their piece Birth ahead of it's run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Friday 2nd August 4pmBootworks Theatre

Bootworks Theatre Co. are undertaking a two-year research project, collaborating with nine-year-olds to find out their thoughts on the things in life that really matter.

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