Interactive Science Exhibition

  • 01-Jul-2019 - 08-Sep-2019
  • Luton Culture
  • 7 - 16 years
  • Age Friendly
  • £3.50
Interactive Science Exhibition
Fantasic For Families
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A fully interactive, innovative, fun, educational and entertaining exhibition, suitable for adults, students, children and families of any age.    combines both knowledge and fun challenges with interactive machines to experience and play with science.Interactive Science in collaboration with a team of scientists, physicists, geologists and astronomers, World Touring ExhibitionsProduced by    Last recommended entry is at 4pm

  • Art

world Touring Exhibitions – UK present a brand new science exhibition with already an amazing record: over 100,000 tickets sold in Rome.


Venue details

  • Stockwood Discovery Centre
  • Stockwood Park
  • London Road
  • Luton
  • LU1 4LX

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