Avanti Display presents Full Circle

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  • 14-Sep-2019 15:30 PM - 16:00 PM
  • Circulate: Outdoor Arts for London
  • 0 - 16 years
  • Age Friendly
  • Free
Avanti Display presents Full Circle
Fantasic For Families

Are they council workers or is it a piece of performance art? What began as a game now is starting to look a bit precarious. Where have they gone? Now what do we do?.............

Full Circle is a mischievous and experimental show from Avanti Display, that plays with the complicity between audience and performer. A slow and intriguing performance, the show builds gently through to suspense, hilarity and unforeseeable consequences. Just how many buckets do they need? Now it’s starting to look a bit precarious. That’s a lot of buckets!

  • Circus, Theatre

circulate is a group of arts organisations working together to bring outstanding, free outdoor arts events to London, enlivening the neighbourhoods where people live

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Venue details

  • Bell Square
  • Hounslow
  • London
  • TW3 3HH

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