Under The Frozen Moon

Under The Frozen Moon
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It’s so cold in Nunavut that the moon has frozen. A greedy dragon has gobbled every fire and every light leaving only the white glow of the frozen moon. Under the dazzling aurora and glittering stars, Amkas family huddle together, fishing for eels and knitting plenty of hats.

In this heart-warming tale, a fierce, courageous young girl sets out to confront the dragon who has hoarded all the fire and lights for himself. With lively poetry, transforming sets, exciting puppetry and atmospheric live music, Under the Frozen Moon brings life to a beautiful world of ice and adventure.

Suitable for young children (3+), aimed at the whole family.


WHAT IS A RELAXED PERFORMANCE?A Relaxed Performance is specifically designed for those who would appreciate a less formal theatre environment. The aim is to retain all the magic of a theatre experience but in a more relaxed environment through sensitive changes to the performance. A quiet, sensory room will also be provided for audience members to use if they need a break from the performance.

WHO IS IT FOR?The relaxed performance is open to everyone but may benefit individuals with autism spectrum conditions, learning difficulties or sensory and communication difficulties.

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT TO OTHER PERFORMANCES?• We keep the lights on low over the auditorium.• Effects in the show are toned down, especially if they involve sudden loud noises or flashes of bright light.• Audience members are free to move around, leave their seats and make noise during the show.• Someone will hold up signs to warn about any loud noises.• Additional staff and stewards will be on board to help.• A social story will be available to help familiarise audience members with the venue and performance before the show.

  • Relaxed Performance
  • Theatre

it is a relaxed performance, including poetry, music and puppetry for the whole family to enjoy


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