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Fly High Stories @ Home

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Fly High Stories @ Home
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Fly High Stories @ Home

As a response to the Lockdown, Fly High Stories ( have asked some of their favourite writers to create short and fun plays for children and their grown ups to act out together at home. These have been made available as free downloadable resources to help you stage your own mini play, including design ideas to inspire older ones and music to accompany each play. Fly High Stories are keen for drama to become a central part of the home school provision for parents.

The first four plays are available to download now! Rachel Barnett-Jones’ Sleeping Beauty is a princess who wants an adventure, Hannah Khalil’s Gingerbread Man isn’t made out of very much gingerbread at all, Vicky Ireland’s Elves just want to help a shoemaker out, and Rachel Harper’s Wendy is more Pirate Queen than Darling! Go to our website to check out all the scripts: uk/at-home 

With accompanying music tracks from Composer in Residence Arran Glass and design tutorials from Associate Designer Sam Wilde this resource aims to encourage families of all ages to play together and bring a little bit of theatre into their homes. 

Releasing throughout May 2020, these scripts and associated resources are available to download and use for free whilst we remain in Lockdown. The company have added a ‘Donate’ button to their website and any funds raised will go towards commissioning more scripts from more writers.

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About the company

Fly High Stories was founded by old friends, director Jemma Gross and writer Rachel Barnett-Jones, to create work for family audiences with an emphasis on growth mindset and confidence building. Both mothers, they were inspired by a desire to create accessible stories on stage, screen and radio which their children would be captivated by. They are committed to making work which can be enjoyed and understood by young audiences everywhere and which brings joy and playfulness with it.


Our writers

The current writers, in alphabetical order, are: Sarah Argent, Rachel Barnett-Jones, Helen Eastman, Rachel Harper, Vicky Ireland, Andrew Barnett Jones, Hannah Khalil, Morgan Lloyd-Malcolm and Sumerah Srivastav, with more joining throughout May.

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Everyone can bring the theatre into their homes with these adorable scripts. Line up your teddies as an audience or set up a Zoom call with a grandparent and you can all entertain each other. 

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