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    Artist Alexa Hare presents WAITING PAINTING, an art pack asking you to slow down and use the act of listening as a starting point for creating your own visual statements combi...

    15 - 16 years
    Age Friendly
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    DIY Art – Home Creativity Kits - Make a Jam Jar Snow Globe

    DIY Art is our new free series of activity packs specially designed by artists, inviting you to get creative at home. The instructional creativity kits give insight into an artist's practice,&nbs...

    7 - 11 years
  • The Secret Garden Experience

    Over the past year, The Secret Garden Team has been inspired by nature, family and friendship, to create The Secret Garden Experience just for you.

    6 - 16 years
    Age Friendly
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    Raucous Romans

    Download this party pack that will help you party like it's AD 99! Packed with loads of ideas to make your Roman themed party a hit like costume tips, decorating ideas, recipes from real Roman cookboo...

    3 - 16 years
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    Vivacious Victorians

    Download this party pack which has costume tips, recipes, Victorian parlour games, craft activities and props for you to print off and use like fake beards and Victorian hats. Run a Victorian themed p...

    3 - 16 years
    Age Friendly
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    Make a Play in a Day

    Watch our video workshops recorded by theatrical set-designers and performers to work through the stages of making your own play, theatre and theatre puppets at home. These workshops were inspired by ...

    5 - 13 years
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    Amazing Artefacts videos

    Watch these short videos to find out more about some special and some everyday but all amazing artefacts from Roman London.

    5 - 11 years
    Age Friendly
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    How to Create a Merfolk Badge

    Merfolks are mythical creatures that live deep down in the ocean. They often occur in our museum's collections, over maps, paintings and naval badges. 

    Age Friendly
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    How to Make a Rainbow Badge

    Badges, pins, ribbons and medallions tell a story about the person wearing them.There are many in the National Maritime Museum’s collection. Some are awards, others are used for identification.T...

    Age Friendly
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    How to Build a Propeller Boat

    SS Archimedes is famed for being the world's first steamship to be driven by a Screw Propeller.  This steam ship was built in Great Britain in 1839 and influenced many ship builder...

    6 - 11 years
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    How to Make Antarctic Animals

    Antarctica is an ice-covered continent that covers the southernmost part of the world. The South Pole is located in Antarctica. Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean and has an abun...

    Age Friendly
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    Kicking Off Your Creativity: Who Wants To Be An Undercover Football Genius?

    A special half-term 'Kicking Off Your Creativity'' story-starter inspired by Matt Oldfield's new book 'Johnny Ball: Undercover Football Genius'. This is your chance to become an undercover football ge...

    7 - 12 years
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    Animal Para Games

    Sporting Heritage

    With the Paralympic Games only a few months away, try out this new digital, illustrated jigsaw in celebration of the sports and organisations who promote the heritage of disability sport. You can also...

    5 - 16 years
    Age Friendly
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    How to create ruffs and cuffs fit for a Queen

    Queen Elizabeth I is well known as a monarch who liked to present a certain image of themselves to the public. The Armada Portrait is a great example of where Elizabeth used symbols to prese...

    Age Friendly
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    Bird Rave

    Citadel Arts

    Are you ready for a spectacular family rave like you’ve never experienced before?

    0 - 12 years
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    Make an origami heart

    Make an origami heart with a special message inside. Discover some origami magic by transforming a 2D flat surface into a 3D shape made up of many different polygons. Just by folding paper!

    4 - 12 years
    Age Friendly
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    My Three Words

    My Three Words is a new commission from Junction & IOU Theatre, creating new ways to explore and experience the town of Goole – virtually and in real life – through the eyes of ar...

    4 - 16 years
    Age Friendly
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    Unlock Your Imagination - Lily Parr

    The fifth Unlock Your Imagination challenge from Manchester Cultural Education Partnership is set by the National Football Museum and visual artist Billy Colours. It’s inspired by Lily Parr, a&n...

    7 - 14 years
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    The Secret Gallery!

    Shhh it’s a secret!!

    6 - 12 years
    Age Friendly
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    Learning & Participation: 'Percussion' with Guy Nwogang

    Africa Oyé

    World renowned drummer, Guy Nwogang, leads an online percussion session as part of Africa Oyé's 'Learning and Participation' project. 

    6 - 16 years
  • Total results 950

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