Burman's Bling, Bindis and Bollywood: Art & Crafts Activities Inspired by Tate Britain's Winter Commission

12/10/2020 12:18:04 PM
Liat Rosenthal
Burman's Bling, Bindis and Bollywood: Art & Crafts Activities Inspired by Tate Britain's Winter Commission
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Inspired by…Tate Britain's Winter Commission Chila Kumari Singh Burman

Liat Rosenthal shares some crafty ideas inspired by Chila Kumari Singh Burman’s ‘remembering a brave new world’ - for those of you that love glue, glitter and galleries in equal measure.  These activities are perfect to try if you’re staying at home, or to compliment a highly recommended trip to Tate Britain…

About the Artist..

Chila Kumari Singh Burman transforms the front of Tate Britain into a celebration of playful bright lights, illuminating images, dazzling colour. Fusing Hindu mythology, Bollywood imagery and personal memories, the artist invites us to join her in ‘remembering a brave new world’. 

Surreal Collage

The artist loves using collage in her work. Collage is simple, fun and creative. Grab a stack of old magazines,  newspapers, greeting cards, letters - anything paper/card based that looks visually interesting. Cut up anything that catches your eye and then place together the different pieces to form a whole new image. Play around with the different colours, sizes and shapes before sticking down. Feel free to add anything else into the mix - glitter, sticky tape, buttons..

‘Junk Treasures’ Greeting Cards

From bindis to bling, from ice cream cornettos to cut-outs, Burman uses everyday ‘found objects’ in her artwork, her studio is brimming with ‘junk treasures’. Why not make a greeting card from different objects that you find at home - put them together to create playful compositions, using different colours and textures.  Don’t forget to add a dash of bling!

Ice Cream

During her childhood, Burman’s family had an ice cream van. This is why you’ll find fantastical ice-creams appearing in her artwork. Create your own fantasy ice cream - make a cone from a  colourful card and then use cotton wool to create the ice cream scoops. Decorate with any topping you wish - delicious  buttons,  glitter sprinkles, sparkly pipe cleaners.

DIY ‘Neon Signs’ 

Burman covered Tate Britain in lights, inspired by her childhood visits to the Blackpool illuminations - try using glow sticks to create your own simple neon signs. Simply take a large sheet of black card, or very dark material and arrange glow sticks to form your own design - what can you make? 

Can you spell out our name? Age? Make a face? An animal? 

Diwali Candles

Lighting up the dark is an important part of celebrating Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. 

There are so many gorgeous crafty activities for Diwali, but these are two of my favourites..

Diwali Lanterns  - fold a sheet of A4 card into 3, so it stands upright as a triangle. On one side, cut out a few different shape/ patterns ‘windows’. Secure some coloured cellophane to the back of these cut-up shapes - use varied and vibrant colours. Secure your triangle with some sticky tape. Use a little LED tea light or torch to light it up!

Or you could try this...

Concertina fold a bright coloured piece of card, fold in half and secure in the middle (glue is good, staples or tape work too). Using a small piece of yellow/ orange paper, create a flame - cut and attach to the top. Decorate as you wish. Make as many as you wish! Join together (link bunting) to form a paper banner door hanging, or toran. Place above the doorway to welcome visitors to your home - and hopefully the Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi!

Chila Kumari Singh Burman’s ‘Remembering a Brave New World’ will be at Tate Britain until 31st January 2021. Visit the Tate website. 

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Liat Rosenthal

Liat Rosenthal is Senior Creative Producer at Tate Modern and produces a whole range of fabulous family activities - inspired by art and with artists. Liat was awarded the Best Families Event Award (2020) for Bauhaus Baby Ballroom, co-produced with Whitechapel. 

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