Fun Activities and Events for Kids to Learn about Sustainability

9/6/2021 1:26:22 PM
Fun Activities and Events for Kids to Learn about Sustainability
Fantasic For Families

As parents, you know how important it is to look after the planet for the future of your children. But what are the best ways to teach your kids about sustainability and protecting the environment?  

From puppetry, woodland workshops and rainy-day activities, check out this list of our favourite things you can do with your kids to help them understand the importance of our planet—while having fun too!

Keep reading to discover the list of sustainability-themed activities and events for kids this September 2021. Are you taking part in these? Share your thoughts and photos #FantasticforFamilies and tag us on Instagram @fantasticforfamilies, Twitter @fantasticforfam and Facebook @FantasticForFamilies.    

Check out some of our favourite environmental events and activities: 

1. Make More Space for Nature

The Devonshire Educational Trust at Chatsworth have developed a range of fun and engaging family activities to encourage you to connect across generations while enjoying the health and wellbeing benefits of creative activities.  'Make more space for nature' is a new series to encourage people of all ages to get involved in nature and creativity based activities.

Where?: At home

When?: Available now

What ages is this recommended for?: All ages

How much?:  Free!


2. Pickled Image: Woodland Tales with Granddad


Something strange is happening in the woods, voices can be heard, and a metallic smell fills the air. Machines are gathering and a mysterious call is heard across the valley. Laura the Ladybird and her woodland friends are worried and there’s only one person who can help them; Granddad.  

Featuring a cast of extraordinary puppets, this magical family show from Olivier nominated Hattie Naylor & Pickled Image has an important and timely environmental message to share.

Where?: East Riding of Yorkshire

When?: 30th October 2021 at 14:00 - 15:00

What ages is this recommended for?: 3-6 years 

How much?: £0.00 - £7.00 


3. Bring on the Bees!

We don’t have to be outside for long before we hear a buzz from a furry bee zooming from flower to flower. Bees have a really important role as pollinators, collecting pollen on their bodies as they drink the sweet nectar from inside flowers. Try some of our fun bee themed activities to do at home. Make a finger puppet or drink like a bee!

Where?: At home

When?: Available now

What ages is this recommended for?: 4-8 years 

How much?: Free! 


4. Love Our Planet

Sleaford Climate Action Network and Global Sleaford host family-friendly activities looking at ways to keep the planet safe and habitable.

Where?: Sleaford 

When?: 4th September 2021 at 11:00 - 15:00

What ages is this recommended for?: 0-16 years 

How much?: Free! 


5. Tales from Nature - Under 5s Storytelling

Be captivated by spellbinding storytellers as they take you on a journey of imagination and wonder. Every week a different story will unfold, inspired by nature's treasures. 

Where?: Wakefield

When?: 29th July –2nd September 2021

What ages is this recommended for?: 0-5 years 

How much?: Free!


6. Pond Dipping

A chance for your children to connect with nature and experience Holkham lake’s complex aquatic ecosystem first-hand, giving them the skills and knowledge that books and screens cannot. Our education team will be on hand with all the equipment, tips and techniques your young explorers will need to enjoy their pond dipping experience.

Where?: Norfolk

When?: 30th August 2021 10:00 - 15:00

What ages is this recommended for?: 0-14 years 

How much?: £3.50


 7. Seeking the Turtledove

This is a very special opportunity to tread softly on a mysterious trail through the wilder paths of South Cliff Gardens to discover elusive sights, sounds and stories of these shy, beautiful birds. Now in danger of extinction they were once universal symbols of love and peace.

After flying together with our kite puppets on the doves’ perilous migration to West Africa we will celebrate their hopeful return with live music and song.

Where?: Scarborough

When?: 27th August

What ages is this recommended for?: 5-7 years

How much?: Free! 


 8. The Jingah Project!

Join Chloé Charody Creations & City Arts for a free family friendly show about the environment.

Patrick Poppywopple’s home is Jingah Island. Once beautiful, the island has been ransacked for its resources and poisoned with waste. Natural disaster is imminent! Who will help Patrick Poppywopple save Jingah Island? How will they prevent catastrophe?

Where?: Nottingham

When?: 12th September

What ages is this recommended for?: 4-16 years

How much?: Free!


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