February’s fascinating animals

2/3/2022 4:26:33 PM
February’s fascinating animals
Fantasic For Families
  • Bradford Literature Festival

Spring is just around the corner, and at Fantastic for Families the animals are out of hibernation early with loads of animal-themed fun to be had! We've gathered together a collection of February events where creatures and creativity come together, including half-term events for the whole family to enjoy.

From learning about our historic relationship with animals to theatre plays and crafts inspired by them, there’s a range of events and experiences out there, whether it's all about cuteness, science or both. We have added an at-home activity that you can do from anywhere - so if you don’t live near a nature reserve or museum, you can still let your imagination wander. Keep reading to find the perfect creative activity based on a furry (or scaly) friend.

1) Make a Pangolin Pal

Have you ever been to Tots Make and Do in Derby? It’s a monthly session with crafts, games and stories inspired by the fabulous collections at Derby Museums. This time, find out about a curious animal called a pangolin. World Pangolin Day is on Saturday 19 February and the museum wants to raise awareness of these beautiful but endangered animals. Visit their pangolin in the Nature Gallery, find out some fantastic facts and get creative making your own pangolin to take home.

Where? Derby Museums

When? 18 February

What ages is this recommended for? 2-5 years

How much? Free - give what you think


2) Discover Victorian Attitudes to Animals

This is not for the faint-hearted! Curious Creatures at the Abbey House in London explores the many ways in which the Victorians interacted with and sometimes exploited animals. Focussing on the period 1810-1914, the exhibition looks at ethical issues about our relationship with nature that are still relevant today. The objects on display include taxidermy animals and items made from animal skin or bone. Get ready to meet a gallery of pet lovers, lion tamers, pigeon fanciers, colonial hunters, offal eaters, feather-hat wearers and more…

Where? Abbey House Museum, near Leeds

When? 28 January - 31 December

What ages is this recommended for? 4-16 years, age-friendly

How much? Free!


3) Have a Cuppa with a Tiger

It’s the lunar year of the tiger! So it’s time that we treated the famous feline to a comfy hot beverage, right? Watch this children’s classic come to life in a West-End musical nominated for an Olivier award. The Tiger Who Came To Tea makes for a delightful family show; packed with oodles of magic, sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos. 

Where? Mercury Theatre, Colchester

When? 18 - 20 February

What ages is this recommended for? 3-10 years, age-friendly

How much? £14


4) Make a Croc in your Crocs 

Tick-Tock might sound like the all singing, all dancing phone app but it's actually the name of another snap happy fellow with four legs and scales. Watch this video by the Bradford Literature Festival and learn from artist Morwenna Catt how to make a snappy crocodile, just like Tick-Tock, the monstrous croc from Peter Pan (1953). You probably have all the materials at home already. 

Where? At home

When? Available now

What ages is this recommended for? 5-11 years

How much? Free!


5) T-Rex Time! 

Next, we’re taking a look at animals that are a bit older (65 million years, give or take). Watch ‘Stan: a Powerful Tale of Friendship and Dinosaurs’ at Z-Arts in Manchester. Here’s the story: Sam, whose parents are separating, and Alex, a deaf girl with a vivid imagination, bond over boring packed lunches and their favourite fierce T-Rex. When things at home become too difficult for Sam, Alex whisks him away on an astonishing adventure to meet the almighty Stan, the gigantic T-Rex at Manchester Museum. Think Pixar’s Inside Out meets Night at the Museum! Stan is written and performed in English and British Sign Language and embeds creative captions within the set.

Where? Z-Arts, Manchester

When? 10 & 12 February

What ages is this recommended for? 7-11 years

How much? £8


6) Hands-on Caterpillars 

Nottingham Libraries offer way more than just books. Coming up: Lots of sensory play activities based around The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Explore a book and get messy together. A little bird told us that you should not wear your best clothes for this one. 

Where? St Ann’s Library, Nottingham

When? 22 February

What ages is this recommended for? 0-5 years

How much? Free!

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