Get Set for Summer

7/4/2019 3:19:48 PM
Get Set for Summer
Fantasic For Families

A Fantastic Summer is ahead with Fantastic for Families. If you’re approaching the summer holidays with a trepidation, fear not, Fantastic For Families has the recipe for a stress-free, family-friendly summer. The Great Outdoors!

This summer we’re celebrating all things ‘outdoorsy’ and venues all across the country are joining us to make sure, that no matter what the weather this summer there is something just around the corner to keep adults and children alike entertained.


Did you know that just looking at pictures of the outdoors can help to calm the mind and reenergise? That’s why over 300 organisations around the country are offering ‘great outdoors’ style events this summer, whether it’s getting outside on a nature trail, enjoying a child-friendly performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (which draws heavily on the natural world), outdoor theatre or interactive wildlife-based exhibitions, there’s something to keep everyone entertained and energised.

Spending time outdoors not only has several health benefits including having significant impact on helping all generations of the family to relax and bond.

Jack Gelsthorpe, Learning Researcher at the Natural History Museum, told us:

“A lot of our work focuses on connecting our visitors to the natural world. There are so many benefits associated with affording people access to nature, especially in urban areas, but one of the main benefits, for families, is the social element; by doing things together as a family, you are encouraging conversation and breaking down generational barriers, and that can only be seen as a huge positive. Nature is so important to society and, if we want people to protect it, then we need to engage them in it.”


As well as strengthening familial bonds, exploring the great outdoors has also been proven to have a positive effect on a person’s health and wellbeing. According to a report* by The Wildlife Trusts, understanding, interacting with and incorporating nature you’re your life is linked to better health, reduced levels of chronic stress, reductions in obesity, and even improved concentration.

Contact with nature plays a huge role in both preventing and treating illness, in particular, mental health. Nature is a great leveller, and it’s accessible to everybody. There has been a huge growth in activities that are targeted towards helping people to achieve sound health and wellbeing.

So, for a happy and healthy summer, the message is clear, get outdoors or bring the outdoors in!

Click here to find the events happening this weekend in your region.


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