Roll up your sleeves and get digging in celebration of National Allotment Week

7/24/2020 10:57:47 AM
Roll up your sleeves and get digging in celebration of National Allotment Week
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This week is National Allotment Week, so why not head outside and start planting? We’re continuing with our Great Outdoors theme for the summer in the week that celebrates all things allotment. Whether you’re a green fingered pro or a gardening novice, there’s no better activity to get involved in this summer.

There are tonnes of benefits to be gained from gardening – be it in an allotment or a veggie patch at the bottom of the garden! As well as the many benefits being outside brings, gardening has been proven to improve mental health and encourage learning – perfect for the full family!

Studies show that by encouraging toddlers into gardening, the motor skills they develop from digging soil and planting seeds can help when it comes to writing and typing. And gardening is a great way to sneak some learning into summer holiday activities – through measuring soil or recording the height of their plants as they grow, they’ll be practising science and mathematics without even realising!

If you’re looking for garden themed activity this summer before you tackle the veggie patch, why not head to Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham for their Blooms and Beasties Treasure Trail. Wander through the garden trail, discovering the flowers and the minibeasts, and take a lucky dip in the treasure trove at the end!


To really get the kids into the spirit of gardening, catch The Magic Garden at The Beehive, Honiton on the 16th August. The teddy bears are going to have a picnic in the Magic Garden under the shade of a magic tree which is home to fairies and some adorable woodland creatures. The children in the audience agree to keep watch to keep it safe but a knotted handkerchief reminds Mr. Forget-me-not to cut down the tree so they can all stay longer in the sunshine. Luckily Auntie Mimi has a plan and, with the help of some woodland creatures and the children, they prevent a disaster to an invisible fairy world which only they can see.

The benefits of gardening don’t just stop with the kids; research shows that three to four hours in the garden is as good as an hour in the gym – so if you want to release those endorphins in a more gentle (and cheaper) way, then pack away the trainers and pick up the gardening gloves. It’s a great way to improve mental health, not only from the endorphins but because concentrating on a physical task allows you to take your mind of any issues you may be facing.

So be it tulips or turnips, sunflowers or spuds, head outside and get planting! And to find more nature themed events, go to


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