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  • London's Hidden Gem: Our visit to the Florence Nightingale Museum

    Long before the days of ‘girl power’ Florence Nightingale was shaking up the stuffy Victorian medical profession, saving the lives of wounded soldiers, and leading the way for future gener...

    7/24/2020 10:54:37 AM
    Phillip Morris
  • Winners announced! Fantastic for Families Awards 2019

    Thank you to all of the shortlisted organisations putting on fantastic events for families across the UK, our panel of expert judges, and to all the families who voted for your favourite event organis...

    7/24/2020 10:53:41 AM
  • Audience Choice award: last chance to vote!

    To vote simply visit the organisation profile for your favourite family-friendly venue or company. There, you'll be able to cast your vote and leave feedback on why you think they are fantas...

    1/11/2019 11:07:45 AM
  • Families Awards shortlist announced!

    Congratulations to those shortlisted for this year's Fantastic for Families Awards!

    7/24/2020 10:56:08 AM
  • Discount on outdoor activities for families this Christmas with Curious About

    Looking for festive family fun at a low cost?  Curious About discovery walks are run by a team of experts who have put together all of the best things for families to discover in Britai...

    7/24/2020 10:56:11 AM
  • Win an iPad Mini by voting for your favourite venue or organisation

    To vote simply visit the organisation profile for your favourite family-friendly venue or company. There, you'll be able to cast your vote and leave feedback on why you think they are fantastic f...

    7/24/2020 10:56:15 AM
  • Things are Getting Spooky with Our Magical Museums!

    This Halloween, have some ghostly fun at your local museum. This October we’re celebrating the magic of museums at the most magical time of year – Halloween! Head to your local museu...

    7/24/2020 10:56:19 AM
  • Time to get Historical with Magic Museums in London!

    This October, take your mini historians to your local London museum. 

    7/24/2020 10:57:23 AM
  • Snailspace: colour, ice cream and fun on Brighton’s coastline this halfterm

    Fifty giant snail sculptures, each uniquely decorated by an artist, have sneaked onto the streets of Brighton & Hove and will remain there until Sunday 18th November 2018. Looking for things ...

    7/24/2020 10:57:27 AM
  • Art Meets Museum this October!

    This October we’re shouting about the magic of museums and why they should be on every family’s activity list this autumn. 

    7/24/2020 10:57:31 AM
  • Get Creative This October! London & the SE

    This autumn, we’re heading to the museum to get creative. Think museums are full of dusty artefacts, endless facts and not much else? Think again! This month we’re shouting about all of th...

    7/24/2020 10:57:36 AM
  • Discover the Magic of Museums this Autumn!

    This autumn, we’re shouting about the magic of museums. Summer is over and the great outdoors are looking slightly less appealing, so stay inside and have fun at your local museum.

    7/24/2020 10:57:40 AM
  • We’re thinking ahead to the half term!

    Summer may be over, but we’re looking forward to October. The kids may be back at school, but the October half term is just around the corner and Fantastic For Families has plenty of activi...

    7/24/2020 10:57:43 AM
  • The results are in, and it’s official: the UK loves the great outdoors!

    The Great Britain Day Visitor 2017 Annual Report showed that outdoor activities are one of the most popular tourism activities within the UK.

    7/4/2019 3:20:06 PM
  • Roll up your sleeves and get digging in celebration of National Allotment Week

    This week is National Allotment Week, so why not head outside and start planting? We’re continuing with our Great Outdoors theme for the summer in the week that celebrates all things allotm...

    7/24/2020 10:57:47 AM
  • Hide in the Shade This Summer!

    We may be in the middle of a heatwave, but the recent thunderstorms in parts of the country bring back that ever present worry during the summer holidays – what to do with the kids on rainy days...

    7/4/2019 3:19:51 PM
  • Take the Family Outdoors this Summer!

    Spend time together as a family in the Great Outdoors! The summer holidays are upon us, and with the heatwave in full swing, it’s the perfect time to head to the Great Outdoors! We’re...

    7/4/2019 3:19:40 PM
  • Get Set for Summer

    A Fantastic Summer is ahead with Fantastic for Families. If you’re approaching the summer holidays with a trepidation, fear not, Fantastic For Families has the recipe for a stress-free, fam...

    7/4/2019 3:19:48 PM
  • Win a Family Ticket to Wild Child Festival, London

    Terms & Conditions

    7/4/2019 3:19:36 PM
  • Fantastic Family Outings this May Half-Term

    Find different activities across the UK! Which one is your favourite?

    7/4/2019 3:19:32 PM
    Fei Teng
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