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The StorytEllas

The StorytEllas: a musical web series

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  • Online: 22-Mar-2021 23-May-2021
  • Helmsley Arts Centre
  • East Riding Theatre
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The StorytEllas: a musical web series
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  • The StorytEllas by She Productions 2021

The StorytEllas

A free 4-part family musical web-series

Once upon a story, on a bookshelf up high; 

In a cluster of words, in the dot of an ‘i’; 

Many fairy-tales fused as their pages combined, 

Bringing three girls together, their fates intertwined. 

But why they are here and what they should do, 

Is the mystery to solve, and they need help from you... 

Once upon a time 3 self(ie)-obsessed strangers were plunged through the pages of your favourite fairy-tales. Cindy, Ruby and Pru soon discover the confusion that awaits them: scrambled stories; happy endings misplaced and their own identities, truly unrecognizable. They are… The StorytEllas...but will they have what it takes to find their way home?

From the comfort of your own front room, join us on our journey, meeting wonderful characters along the way from our narrator, the happy magic mindful Pea to the marathon-running Gingerbread Person. Sing- along, dance along and learn to become a StorytElla!

‘Charming, imaginative and very funny’ – Yorkshire Times

She Productions have adapted their original family stage musical into this 4 part web-series supported by Arts Council England, Hesslewood Children’s Trust, I Am Fund and Beverley Town Council. The StorytEllas is part of Helmsley Art Centre's 'A Connected and Creative Community.

Sign up to access the series for free here. Links to each episode will be emailed to you from 22nd March 2021 


Director | Jessica Duffield

Animator and Editor | Alex Twiston Davies

Original Story | Jessica Duffield and Annie Kirkman

Screenplay Adaptation | Jessica Duffield 

Music Composer | Rachel Barnes

Producer | She Productions

Executive Producer | Annie Kirkman

Sound Designer | James Frewer

Videographer | Fly Girl Films 

Communication Support | Erica Jade Murdock

Marketing Assistants | Alison Shaw and Abigail Quirk


Cindy | Raquel Jones

Pru | Eliza Hewitt-Jones

Ruby | Alice Rose Palmer


Pea (spoken), Chief Book Worm | Jessica Duffield

Pea (singing), Kirk Ella, Flying Shoes | Rachel Barnes

Gingerbread Person, Mini Gingerbread People, Book Worms #3 and #4 | Annie Kirkman

Book worms #1 and #2 | Alice Rose Palmer

She Productions, Company in Residence at the East Riding Theatre, was formed in 2015 by a group of Hull and East Riding actresses who are committed to creating high quality, innovative work for audiences and participants of all ages. 

Our mission is to educate, to collaborate and to help others be heard.

  • Captioned
  • Film, Music, Theatre, Literary

It is available to watch for free from wherever you are in the world! Everyone deserves to enjoy some theatrical magic and The StorytEllas hopes to inspire young people and their families through original music and storytelling.

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