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Crying Out Loud are creative producers bringing memorable experiences from extraordinary visual theatre makers to audiences of all ages across the UK.

Rummaging through theatres, studios, rehearsal rooms and workshops across the globe, Crying Out Loud is a creative producer with a thirst for discovering and championing new and memorable work for audiences of all ages and abilities.

Crying Out Loud works with extraordinary artists to bring their work to realisation and to enable UK audiences to be inspired by it. Our specialism is in visual, non-text based work and we tour and develop UK and international contemporary performance, often in the fields of circus, physical theatre and installation.

Depending on the artist and the project, we tailor our work to their work.

Working both with and for artists, Crying Out Loud nurtures both projects and individuals, from the hatching of an idea to touring finished productions from the international circuit. Crying Out Loud has been a producer, a curator, an advocate, and a network leader, but whatever the title, the scale or location, it’s all part of the same vision. We manage what it takes to make the show happen in our UK theatrical environment, through connections and collaboration.

Daring to be different at a time when work for the young was seen to be secondary, Crying Out Loud blazed a trail in new ways of thinking about contemporary performance for audiences of all ages. This has led to the creation and presentation of work that is no longer secondary but influential and eye opening.

We believe that there is an audience for high quality visual theatre everywhere and we bring our shows to all corners of the country.


Find us at...

  • Crying Out Loud
  • Somerset House, South Wing
  • Strand
  • London
  • WC2R 1LA


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