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Circle of Two
Flat 5 Hooper Court Surrey TW18 2AU
Staines Upon Thames

Circle of Two

Circle of Two
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About Circle of Two

Circle of Two is an acrobatic theatre company based in the South East of England, founded by Celia Mendizabal and Ralph Taylor. Following traditions of popular theatre forms such as circus, puppetry and mime, Circle of Two draw inspiration from a wide variety of artistic genres. Thus they present highly evocative and poetic shows with unique and personal aesthetics. Their work is directed at family audiences and has universal appeal.


Bambolina & Dodo

When the clock strikes twelve, magic begins and a doll comes to life… Clearly influenced by the silent film days of expressive clowning, Circle of Two form here a seamless amalgam between physical theatricality and acrobatic skills. They tell a simple and touching story about an eccentric inventor who struggles to control his latest creation. Winners of the Prize of the Public at the prestigious International Mime Festival of Périgueux, in France, they present this story without using any spoken dialogue. The show is fast paced and includes audience participation. It combines a variety of performing disciplines, such as mime, slap-stick comedy and acrobatics.


Dodo's Dream

Inspired, amongst others, by the myth of Pygmalion and the tales of E.T.A. Hoffmann (such as The Sand Man and The Nutcracker) Circle of Two tell the heartbreaking, impossible love story of an eccentric inventor and the mechanical doll he has created in resemblance of his deceased wife. When he goes to sleep, he dreams that his beloved comes back to life. Dodo’s Dream is a magical journey into a tender and wacky universe, totally inscribed in children's poetry. A fairy tale that triggers the laughter and wonder of the little ones and the emotion of the grown ups! Dodo’s Dream is a visual and universal show for public of all ages and nationalities.


Who's In For Tea?... Wonderland without Alice

Have you ever wondered what happens in Wonderland when Alice is not there? Well, let the Mad Hatter tell you in his tea party! Also starring the 'White Rabbit', the 'Dormouse' and the terrible twins 'Tweedledum and Tweedledee'. A one-man show involving physical theatre, storytelling, puppetry and active audience participation. Available for both indoors and ourdoors. Original music composed by Christine Palethorpe. As it could only be expected from the Mad Hatter, it is a nonsensical little puppet play which delights children of all ages, from 6 to 106!

The Chimney Sweeps

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”, “The Chimney Sweeps” is a Father and Son act with nostalgic airs that brings back the charms of the Victorian/Edwardian era in Mary Poppins style. It is a silent show choreographed to an original music score, and it includes original jigs, dazzling acrobatics, juggling and audience interaction. It is mainly visual , with hardly any spoken language. It has the special appeal of having a very talented child performer, who shows a very engaging relationship with his father and partner in crime.



Find us at...

  • Circle of Two
  • Flat 5 Hooper Court
  • Gresham Road
  • Staines Upon Thames
  • Surrey
  • TW18 2AU

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What families say about us...

  • Our Hackney audience was thrilled by the show. I have had a non stop stream of compliments about how wonderful it all was. You turned a very big space into a magical environment and enlivened our ceiling

    Andrew Coombs - director of the Hackney Children's Theatre
  • It is always a great pleasure to watch these two supremely professional artists at work. Their meticulous attention to detail in performance, costume and presentation is quite stunning. Dodo’s Dream tells a tender and touching story, beautifully presented using classical theatre and circus skills. The audience loved it and cheered and clapped with delight!

    Dave Buxton - Artistic Director of Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts
  • Wonderfully touching show. A beautiful family of performers. Fun for all the family. A dream to watch. Thank you for the pleasure.

    Liam - Audience member

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