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Babigloo is about Music.........and Babies and is totally focused on the amazing ability of babies 0-12 months to respond to the complexities and subtitles of sound.

Babigloo is a non-verbal music and arts programme that has music and babies 0-12 months as the focus.

You might say, you can't work with babies that young?! Well you can!

Our themed sessions build on babies sensory perceptions.

We use music, sound, baby conversation and listening skills to tune into babies amazing ability to hear changes of volume, pitch, vibration, rhythm and tone.

Babigloo is a creative world of colour, movement, music and touch.

Babies and parents just love it. Take a look at what they've said in our feedback section.

Our family-friendly offer

We offer sessions through children's centres in Dorset for targeted families and universal families with babies 0-12 months.

In the future we hope to provide regular shows/concerts using classical and contemporary music, live musicians, theatrical and movement provocations for babies 0-24 months and their families.


At the heart of Babigloo's ethos is that classical and contemporary music benefits everyone and that no one should be excluded from our sessions (although we have to limit numbers for our sessions in centres to 10 babies).


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