Unicorn Theatre

The UK's leading theatre for young people and families. 

Find us at...

  • Unicorn Theatre
  • 147 Tooley Street
  • London
  • Greater London
  • SE1 2HZ

Our family-friendly offer

Variety of discounts available. Places for buggies available. Soft play area available during certain times of the year. High chairs available. Healthy snack options in the Unicorner Shop.


RELAXED PERFORMANCES A relaxed performance is open to anyone but is particularly suitable to support those on the autistic spectrum or people who have learning disabilities, sensory or communication disorders. 

A visual story will be made available ahead of your visit. We aim to have the pack ready around a week before the Relaxed Performance date.

INTEGRATED SIGN-LANGUAGE PERFORMANCES (ISIP)A BSL interpreter performs on stage with the actors, right in the heart of the action.

LIVE AUDIO DESCRIPTION AND PRE-SHOW TOUCH TOURS Our optional pre-show touch tours allow audience members to familarise themselves with the set, props and the sounds used in the production. - please contact our Box Office team on 020 7645 0560 to book.

LIVE CAPTIONING Live captioning assists those who have hearing impairments or would benefit from reading the dialogue alongside the action.

DEAF FRIENDLY SHOWS Shows that are highly visual with little or no language used therefore suitable for deaf or hard of hearing audience members.


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