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Fantastic for Families is a website and promotional project which forms part of the Family Arts Campaign.

The Family Arts Campaign is an initiative run by The Albany on behalf of a consortium of arts organisations and trade bodies which include: the Albany, The Association of British Orchestras, UK Theatre, The Society of London Theatre, The Independent Theatre Council, The Contemporary Visual Arts Network, One Dance UK, the Audience Agency, The Arts Marketing Association and Voluntary Arts. Family Arts Campaign is supported using public funding through Arts Council England.

The Site is owned by The Albany, who leads the consortium and holds ownership of the Campaign. The Albany is a registered as a Charity, and our registration number is: 1112521. The Albany is the trading name of The Deptford Fund and The Albany 2001 Company Ltd (England 4333098). The registered office is at Douglas Way. Deptford. London. SE8 4AG.

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When you submit your event information it will be approved by a member of our team to be published on this website. In order to maximise promotion of your event, your event information may be shared with partners of The Albany through live event feeds and mutual promotional partnerships. See a list of current partnerships here: Your personal contact information will not be passed on in this way – only data added to the event form which is intended for online publication will be shared.


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Terms & Conditions


The Project- relates to the ‘Fantastic for Families’ website and related year-round promotional campaigns organised by the Family Arts Campaign as a project of the Albany

The Albany- registered office at the Albany, Douglas Way, London SE8 4AG, is the accountable organisation for the Family Arts Campaign, of which ‘Fantastic for Families’ is an initiative

The Event Organiser/ You/ Your Organisation- the Event organiser for Events uploaded to, and promoted via ‘Fantastic for Families’, also referred to as You/Your Organisation

Event/s- the term relates to all performances, shows, workshops, exhibitions and any other activity that You upload for inclusion on the ‘Fantastic for Families’ listings

Point of Contact- contact details of an individual/ individuals who represents the organiser who can be contacted for further information about Your organisation and/or Events listed on ‘Fantastic for Families’

Your Content- The Event Organiser’s Event information including but not limited to artistic content, descriptions, dates, locations and information about Your organisation, images and any other media


  1. These are the terms and conditions of the agreement for Event Organisers that wish to participate in The Project. This is an agreement between The Event Organiser and The Albany on behalf of the Family Arts Campaign (organisers of Fantastic for Families).
  2. As terms of reference, each Event Organiser involved in activities at this level is described as a Fantastic for Families participating Event Organiser and already has a remit for encouraging creativity in a variety of art forms. By working with You we can enhance The Project to an extent which we would not be able to tackle as ambitiously on our own and, by doing so, magnify the impact of the Fantastic for Families promotional campaign.
  3. In order to qualify as a Fantastic for Families participating Event Organiser, You agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:
    1. You agree to undertake activities or performances which provide a cultural experience of benefit to different generations attending together.
    2. You acknowledge that the Albany may contact You regarding project initiatives and changes to The Project.
    3. You agree to provide a Point of Contact within Your organisation for administrative purposes and to supply accurate, publishable contact information for Your organisation that may be published in any content or materials relating to The Project.
    4. You agree that Your Point of Contact will be responsible for:
  • Leading engagement with The Project from within Your organisation;
  • As required, acting as the Point of Contact for local or national TV and radio interested in covering Your Event/ Events for The Project;
  • Promoting Your project on your own website, social media and through any relevant aggregator.
    1. Where You supply images, footage or material of Your Event/Events to The Project, You grant The Albany irrevocable royalty-free licence to publish any such materials (Your Content) in all media in perpetuity, and You warrant that Your Content is your own original work or that You have the permission of the original creator to pass it on, is not defamatory or unlawful and does not infringe anyone else’s rights (including privacy rights).
    2. You agree that Your Event information may be shared with partners of The Albany through live Event feeds and mutual promotional partnerships. See a list of current partnerships here:
    3. You agree to share publishable information about how You intend to welcome the public to Your Event/Events (i.e. who can attend or participate and how), and to complete a short annual evaluation survey during the year of Your participation.
    4. If You indicate that Your Event/Events is/are participatory and free or cost-recovery only, You agree to the Albany automatically listing Your activity as part of the wider Get Creative initiative, of which the Family Arts Campaign is a stakeholder
    5. The Albany reserve the right not to publish content or information
    6. Before sharing any content of children, You shall obtain written consent from the parents/guardians of any children (under the age of 18 years) featured in any such content (i.e. images or footage). See the BBC permissions templates for guidance:
    7. Where The Albany has supplied You with Project-branded materials, You will:
  • ensure they are used only in relation to marketing specific Events or activities that are suitable for different generations attending together
  • ensure that all Events that are promoted with Fantastic for Families branding are approved by the Fantastic for Families team as having been suitable for listing
  • ensure that they are not used to promote or endorse commercial or third-party activity unrelated to The Project; and
  • not alter or modify such materials unless otherwise advised by The Albany
  1. You agree that:
    • You will abide by the guidelines provided by The Albany alongside approved marketing materials;
    • You will not give the impression that The Albany is endorsing any commercial product or activities or endorsing You or any other organisation, or any of Your views or opinions or of any other organisation;
  2. You acknowledge that The Albany is not responsible for devising, organising or managing Your Event/Events (including with regard to compliance with clause 13 below) and will not meet any costs or expenses incurred by You in delivering activities.
  3. You agree to make available to The Albany up to 5 complimentary tickets for one Event (chosen by The Albany) per year that You present in The Project, the use of such tickets (for family visitors or representatives of the media etc.) to be confirmed by The Albany to You no later than five working days before the start of The Project.
  1. You agree to, and shall procure that Your sub-contractors agree:
  1. to comply with all applicable disability discrimination legislation; health, safety and fire legislation; data protection legislation, and all codes of practice made under such legislation including but not limited to those issued by the Health & Safety Executive and the Home Office; and
  1. to have in place a child protection policy, the scope of which is no less than that of the BBC’s Child Protection Policy at In particular, but without limitation, carrying out DBS checks as appropriate.
  1. You must arrange and maintain with a reputable insurer adequate insurance, including General/Public Liability Insurance, with a limit and scope of cover appropriate to the activity/activities in question.
  2. The Data Protection Act 1998 regulates the processing of personal information, setting rules for processing and increasing individuals' rights to control how information about them is used. You hereby grant The Albany permission to hold Your contact information within the database for The Project.
  3. The Albany reserves the right at their sole discretion to: (a) cancel, terminate, modify or suspend The Project and/or Your involvement with The Project; and (b) amend these terms and conditions from time to time. To observe updates You can check The Project Terms and Conditions when uploading Your Event listings.
  4. You agree that You are authorised for and on behalf of Your organisation to provide such information and to accept for and on behalf of the organisation to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  5. You confirm that you have read and You agree to The Albany’s website privacy, data and cookie policy at These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.


Last updated June 2018

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